High-Rise India Summit & Awards 2018
Arise India with High-Rise
February 8 – 9, 2018
ITC Maratha Mumbai, India

Green building in India to grow 20% by 2018

25-30 people will migrate every minute to major Indian cities from rural areas in search of better livelihood and better lifestyle


India is home to some of the most populated mega-cities in the world. The paucity of space, inflation and the surging population has caused the cities to grow vertically.

However, if you compare cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata to New York, Hong Kong or even the less populous cities in South east Asia, Indian cities are burgeoning. Mumbai, in particular, ranks high among cities in the world with high skylines and has much taller prospects.

What are the impediments to this growth? What is holding back the redevelopment of old dilapidated buildings in the country? Are the building codes constricting the builders?

India’s urban population is projected to reach 600 mn by 2031. Our cities are the nerve center of our growing economy and for Indian cities to accommodate this population, high-rise is the road ahead.

For the cities to be sustainable in the long run, towers in particular and the city at large needs to be smart, inter-connected, accessible and safe. Energy conservation is also of paramount importance.

High-Rise India Summit & Awards is an initiative to foster this necessity by bringing together industry experts viz architects, Builders, developers and contractors, urban planners, contractors and sustainability consultants. The two-day conference features interactive sessions, networking events, awards and a full two day thought leadership event and will witness participation of over 300 delegates.


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Event Format

  • Technical Presentations

    Curated experts from across the globe will deliver technical presentations sharing the expertise and experience gained over many years of building and sustaining skyscrapers.

  • Case Studies

    In-depth analyses of projects which set benchmarks in the high-rise space and carved a niche in the construction industry.

  • Open House Discussions

    Involvement of the audience into the entire summit spectrum and giving them a chance to have one-on-one questions being put up to the faculty members and expert speakers.

  • Fireside Sessions

    The summit will be a high octane platform for high-rise building professionals to come together and divulge business opportunities amongst the project developers and material and service providers alike.

  • Networking lunches

    A semi-formal environment for delegates to loosen their ties and forge business relations.