The construction sector in India is on the brink of a major transformation, with several policy initiatives being implemented. Enhanced spending on real estate, speedy implementation of projects, demand for green and modular buildings and technological breakthroughs are expected to provide further impetus to the industry. These factors, along with the smart city developments and new trends in building high rises suggest that India’s construction sector is at the threshold of robust growth.

High-rise developers have the onerous task of meeting customer expectations, building standards and regulatory demands. Going forward, high rises will need to seek more innovative ways of transcending in design, appearance and performance of buildings for creating market differentiation and excelling in operational efficiencies. It is inspiring to see project heads make systemic changes by embracing processes and materials that are sustainable. HRIS awards is an initiative to felicitate and recognize people and projects that have made a sustainable difference to the inhabitants, society or the environment with their innovative ideas and products.

Architects, project heads, representatives of construction companies & sustainability consultants who feel they have contributed in making the project a success story are welcome to file their nominations. We also solicit innovations in lighting, acoustics, building management systems, climate control, interiors, design, water management and waste management. Another key area of recognition would be adoption of technologies that minimize risks and aid in project execution agility. The technology deployment could be in fields of surveying (blue-prints), structural design software, testing etc or any breakthroughs in technology that influence future tall building constructions.

Over 200 nominations from 85 organizations will be screened by our process partner and jury members to identify the top 20 innovations. We extend invitation to all the stakeholders to send their entries by Dec 15, 2017. The award winners will be revealed at HRIS award ceremony that will be held at HRIS conference in Mumbai.

HRIS 2018 Awards Objective

To recognize and reward excellence in the real estate estate excellence in the real estate
To encourage innovative real estate solutions within the industry.
To enhance quaky standards.
To promote confidence in the real estate and property industry.
To safeguard and strengthen interest of stakeholders in the industry.
To provide a strategic and reputable platform of interaction for the different stakeholders in the industry


Who can participate?
Architects,construction companies, Residential Contractors, Developers, Project management consultants, Govt agencies, Sustainability consultants, real estate personnels, etc.

How to Apply?
Ensure that your project fits into any of the categories. Fill the nomination form available on the website and send your supporting documents to our representative.

How many nominations can be filed?
A maximum of five nominations, per entity

Who can file the nominations?
The concerned heads of departments of the entities should file the nominations themselves. No third party nominations will be entertained.

Award Categories


  1. Nominations should bear signature(s)  of the official (s) filing the nominations
  2. A maximum of three slides of PPT presentations per nomination should be submitted preferably in .pdf format
  3. Append the description of the project. The details appended should be read and scrutinized carefully for any changes, prior to filing the nominations. A maximum of three  PPT slides which will give an executive brief of the case.
  4. Nominations can be mailed to
High-Rise Project of the year Award


a)Residential High-Rise b)Commercial High-Rise c) Mixed-Use High-Rise
  • The concerned building should be on minimum 50 mts height or at least have 15 floors.
  • For the project to be considered for Feb 2018 awards, it must be completed within time frame of Jan 2016 – Jan 2018 with minimum 20% occupancy.
  • The building needs to be sustainable and energy efficient.
  • The project should necessarily fall under any of the three aforementioned sub-categories. Buildings like observations towers will not be considered for the award.
Health and Safety in High-Rise Award
  • The building exhibits a strong conscience to its inhabitants and the environment.
  • The project, irrespective of it being a single unit or a township plan can be considered for this award.
  • Immaculate provisions are laid down for the protection of people.
  • Stringent security and life safety measures are taken.
  • The building needs to be a high rise and should comply with all safety norms.
Innovation Award
  • 10 top notch innovations will be Awarded
  • The narrative sent to the jury must demonstrate how disruptive the innovation was in getting the project completed.
  • Innovations could be in any of the areas viz. technology, methodology, building systems, building envelopes, interiors, design and appearance.
  • For multiple innovation entries, the concerned departments need to file separate nomination files.
Sustainability Award
  • The project could be a stand-alone high-rise building, a residential complex or a township project; even commercial buildings may apply.
  • It must be at least 5 years since completion with a proven track record and measurable data that displays minimal environmental impact.
  • Ideal nominations for this category are green buildings or projects that bring about a radical change in the social infrastructure of a community.
  • Reduced carbon footprints, optimum utilization of renewable energy and natural resources and design considerations that improve building performance are some of the factors that will be assessed.
Rising star of the year Award
  • The awardee will be a person, not the entire project team.
  • The narrative should furnish the contributions of the person in taking the company to new heights, his achievements and contributions to the real estate and construction industry.
  • Applications are accepted from the rising stars between 22- 35 years.
Best Design in High-Rise Award
  • The building has to be a high-rise with minimum 15 floors.
  • Nominations for this category are solicited from Architects
Sponsor Choice Award
  • This award is entirely left to the disposition of the title Sponsor
  • The sponsor will hand-pick the awardee from all the nominations across all categories.
  • The spokesperson will make the announcement just before presenting the trophy at the time of awards.
Architect of the Year Award
  • Architects who have left a considerable mark in the industry in the past financial year.
  • Nominees should have a substantial breakthroughs to their credit.
  • A brief of the project along with the innovation/ USP should be sent.
  • Award recipient will be a person, not the organization.