High-Rise India Summit & Awards 2018 is the key meeting place for the brave new world of super tall buildings in the country. HRIS & Awards 2018 has been especially curated to address the problem after years of research and it will gather 300+ construction industry professionals, government officials, businessmen, investors and innovative solution providers to redefine the way tall buildings are built and sustained.

Super tall and continuously habitable buildings have always intrigued mankind. The sheer size and dominance of such structures have shaped the skyline of mega-cities across the world. India witnessed and upsurge in construction of tall buildings from the late 90’s and plays host to tall buildings that promise to stand the test of time. With 100+ tall buildings being built across the country, India requires and educational platform that will empower industry professionals with knowledge and technologies to build and maintain tall buildings. The summit has been designed to engage its audience and shape theories to battle challenges posed for the high-rise sector in the country.

HRIS & Awards 2018 brings you a two day cutting edge conference agenda involving presentations from 20+ industry experts globally. Here 300+ delegates will not only have the chance to network and engage with various thought leaders, but will also get the opportunity to understand and study landmark projects globally.

Sustainable practices and smart technologies will be the crux of the agenda alongside subjects that strive to disrupt the way high-rise structures are build and maintained in the country.